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Our mission

Mission Ismerie is a collaboration initiated by some Catholics invested in any types of actions and projects for the welcome of former Muslims, to inform and train the public about Islam, mission and dialogue with Muslims.

A secular organization, to the service of the Church

Mission Ismérie est une initiative portée par des laïcs catholiques. Nous travaillons en relation filiale avec l’Église, avec le soutien de prêtres et d’évêques, répondant à l’appel du Pape François d’aller porter l’Évangile aux périphéries. Notre action missionnaire s’inscrit dans la vocation de l’Église de l’annonce de la Bonne Nouvelle ad omnes, « à toutes les nations ».
We wish to develop our relationships with the bishops, the priests, the religious orders, to offer them resources and projects to support their pastoral mission towards persons of Islamic culture who require to be baptized as towards Christians who seek to understand Islam.
Mission Ismerie is a secular and independent organization..

(en photo : le Pape François et Mehdi, ex-musulman devenu chrétien, lors de la rencontre du Bien Commun, Rome, 2019)

Because everywhere in the world some Muslims convert to Christ

It’s a new phenomenon in History: millions of Muslims leave Islam. And also in France. It is necessary to help and support such converts who, often, have left everything for Christ!

Because the French society will be transformed

Muslims form an important part of the population in France. They also have vocation to bring to everyone Christ’s peace and joy. The salvation of the Muslims is part of our salvation and our common future.

Because Catholics are late

The first supporters of such large wave of conversion are the Evangelical Protestants. It is time to reach them with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, to bring an overall catholic response to the questions of the Muslims in France.

Our mission

Mission Ismérie est née en 2020 grâce aux rencontres issues des Forums Jésus le Messie. Elle regroupe le the Forum Jesus the Messiah et d’autres acteurs comme Mission Angelus, Annie Laurent (Clarify), Odon Lafontaine (Le grand secret de l’Islam (the great secret of Islam)) ainsi que d’autres projets d’accueil des convertis, de formation et d’information sur l’islam et la mission, et de mise en œuvre de la mission.


Our actions

The vocation of Mission Ismerie is tosupport, train andannouce. Those are the three pillars of our action, rooted in a just vision of Islam and of the duty for every Christian to welcome and support his brothers on their way to Christ, and to announce to everyone His Good News (on this matter, see our manifesto and our articles on such matter).

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Welcome the converts in the Church, in the parish communities, in Christian brotherhood and friendship, and support them in the spiritual, human and material fields. Also, accompany the Muslims that question themselves about the Christian faith and, for some of them, convert.
Train all good will persons, regardless to their beliefs, to understand the nature and the realities of Islam, as to its historical origins, its growth in history, its faith, its hopes, its political system, its great diversity and its unity.
Offer the Gospel, through a friendship apostolate, through online and street mission. Several hundred of evangelizers have already been trained. They are very active online and lead also some mission points in several cities and regions of France.


So, day-today, Mission Ismerie supports, coordinate, participate to the development and finance the implementation of the projects of our actors, who, each according to their charismas, support, train and announce.


Our vision

Mission Ismerie wishes to become eventually a platform for the set-up, the financing, the support to any types of projects for the support, the welcome, the training, the mission (You may already send your ideas and propositions). This will highly contribute to the national development of the actors of Mission Ismerie, the current actors as well as those who will join us and those that we will generate.

Mission Ismerie intends to participate in this way to the life and growth of the Church, for a Missionary and renewed Church :

  • des Relays in all dioceses
  • des Brotherhoods of converts
  • A network of volunteers in every territory, involved with the Muslims on the way and the converts: accompaniment, catechism, material support of any types, sponsoring, integration in the communities, friendship
  • A large national pilgrimage of the converts from Islam to Our Lady of Joy, under the eyes and sponsorship of their predecessor, princess Ismerie



Our history

In 2013, the first forum Jesus the Messiah was held in the city of Lille and about forty since then, up to 2020. But we made always the same observation: the Forum Jesus the Messiah was already doing plenty, but so little regarding to the issues, regarding to the millions of Muslims who were questioning, regarding to the converts who need so much being welcomed in the Church and in the Christian friendship, regarding to the society that ignores the Islamic realities. We should multiply the initiatives, develop everywhere local groups, for prayer, support, welcoming, mission, increase the specialists’ audience, formulate adequate criticism about Islam, inform and train the public by challenging the society. And there is much, so much more to do!

And then the idea was born to develop a project to meet the expectations, un grand projet pour l’accueil, pour la formation et pour la mission. Un collectif s’est ainsi constitué à partir des rencontres faites lors des Forums. Il a réfléchi, consulté, travaillé et mobilisé les premiers soutiens pour lancer Mission Ismérie début 2020.

Dirigée dans un premier temps par Marc Fromager, ancien directeur de l’AED France, qui avait rejoint Mission Ismérie cette année-là, et grâce à votre aide, notre projet a pu naître et commencer à démultiplier les efforts de tous ses acteurs et fondateurs. Devenue depuis un intervenant d’envergure nationale pour l’accueil des chrétiens venus de l’islam et la mission auprès des musulmans, Mission Ismérie continue de grandir et de faire émerger de nouveaux projets pour l’accueil des convertis et la mission.

Support Mission Ismerie

To support and accompany the Muslims on their way and the former Muslims converted to Christ – they exist, are already there and will be more and more numerous – to give to the public a just and impartial information about Islam, to propose Christ to Muslims.

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