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Our actors

Forum Jesus the Messiah

  • Founded by former Muslims converted to Christ, the Forum Jesus the Messiah organizes all around France some meetings where the public can discover their testimony, get information and train about Islam and the announce of the Good News to Muslims with specialists, and meet the various local players of welcome, dialogue and mission.
    Since the first Forum dated 2013, thousands of people participated to about forty meetings, came to hear them, meet them, meet together, get information, pray for the Muslims, the converts, the mission and the Church. And even more thanks to the Internet.f. You Tube channel of the Forum Jesus the Messiah).

Mission Angelus

Mission Angelus implements practically the salvation dialogue with the Muslims and the announce of the Good News of Christ.
Mission Angelus trains Christians to the mission: friendship apostolate, online and street mission.
Mission Angelus develops and animates mission groups all over France and animates various areas of welcome, listening, advice for the Muslims questioning about Christ and the Christian faith.


The association Clarify was created by Annie Laurent to give to the public, the decision-makers, the Church some just and unbiased information on contemporary Islam.
Clarify offers such information on its website, publishes and disseminate a periodic thematic letter (la petite feuille verte – the little green sheet), and organizes training and conferences.

Ismerie Family

Ismerie Family groups the actions undertaken by Mission Ismerie for the support and accompaniment of the converts from Islam – discrete actions (material supports of any types, fraternal groups, meetings, pilgrimages, sponsoring, spiritual accompaniment). We want to ensure such discretion regarding to the difficult situations in which are often the former Muslims.

Odon Lafontaine

Odon is studying Islam since about ten years, including with Father Edouard-Marie Gallez, doctor in theology and history of the religions in the University of Strasburg, specialist of the historical origins of Islam and of the theology of history, and within the association EEChO (Issues of the study of the Christianity of the origins).
Auteur, conférencier, il a publié une synthèse et vulgarisation des recherches historiques actuelles sur la formation de l’islam, Le grand secret de l’Islam (the great secret of Islam) and the book Laïcité, mère porteuse de l’Islam ? (Secularism, surrogate of Islam?)  that deciphers the collusion between Islamic and occidental ideologies.
Already involved in the new evangelization, Odon participates to the editorial work of Mission Ismerie, to its group of study on Islam and to the training of Christians about Islam.

Jesus, son of Mary

Un site pour faire découvrir à tous Jésus le Sauveur, le Messie d’Israël. Il s’adresse tout particulièrement aux chrétiens venus de l’islam et aux musulmans qui cherchent Jésus.

Support Mission Ismerie

To support and accompany the Muslims on their way and the former Muslims converted to Christ – they exist, are already there and will be more and more numerous – to give to the public a just and impartial information about Islam, to propose Christ to Muslims.

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