Mission Ismerie, from Islam to Christ

A high wind is blowing in the house of Islam

About us

Why Mission Ismerie ?

Because everywhere in the world some Muslims convert to Christ

It’s a new phenomenon in History: millions of Muslims leave Islam. And also in France!

It is necessary to help and support such converts who, often, have left everything for Christ

Because the French society will be transformed

Muslims form an important part of the population.

They also have vocation to bring to everyone Christ’s peace and joy.

Because Catholics are late

The first supporters of such large wave of conversion are the Evangelical Protestants.

It is time to join them with the assistance of the Holy Spirit to bring an overall catholic response to the questions of the Muslims in France.

Message from
Marc Fromager

Executive director of Mission Ismerie

“As former director of AED France (Aid to the Church in Need) from 2005 to 2019, I often went into countries with a majority of Muslims. And each time I came back to France, I thought it was more and more urgent to find a missionary answer to the growth of Islam.Christians in need can also be found in our countries, in particular Muslims on the way to Christ!

That is why I’m getting involved in such a project. It is vital. It is promising. It brings hope. Much has already been done! But it is imperative that we change of scale and that is why we need you!” »

As of now, 10% of the adult’s baptisms within the French catholic church are of converted Muslims.
Their enthusiasm and their joy renewed it deeply.

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Our actions

Mission Ismerie on the field

Mission Ismerie is an alliance between actors with complementary charisms, already involved in the field. Mission Ismerie has also for vocation to support the emergence of other actors for the study of Islam, the welcome and the announcement

Mission Ismerie near you

Events and groups all over France

The several actors of Mission Ismerie intervened and intervene everywhere in France (and abroad): conferences and training (Clarify, Mission Angelus, Odon Lafontaine ...), events and forums (Forum Jesus the Messiah), prayer groups, mission groups and welcome spaces for Muslims and seeking people (Mission Angelus).
Click on the map for an up-to-date version of the setting up and local relays of Mission Ismerie, its actors and friends.

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About us

Mission Ismerie in figures


The first forum Jesus the Messiah was held in the city of Lille, to carry the word of the Christians convert from Islam and raise awareness for the Church and the public for their welcome.


49 Forums Jesus the Messiah have been organized all around France and online since 2013 (up to summer 2021), 10 bishops and 35 priests participated in it, 6 to 8,000 people attended.


Mission Angelus put in place 10 centers of street mission all over France and carries on projects in 10 other cities; 300 volunteer missionaries are involved (up to summer 2021).


The video channels of the actions and actors supported by Mission Ismerie amount to more than 6.1 million views as of today for more than 300 videos and 38 000 subscribers (July 2021).


Clarify published 81 « little green sheets (petites feuilles vertes) » as of today, provided to more than 80,000 subscribers, to bring to political or religious authorities, associations and to anyone elements of understanding about Islam, through a pedagogical approach respectful of the persons refereeing to it.

Videos, articles, prayers

Resources for the mission

You will find on the site many resources to get information and training about Islam, about dialogue with Muslims, announcement of the Good News and everything that is required to participate to the support, welcome and accompaniment of the persons coming from Islam and get involved in the mission towards them.

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